Academic Advising for Students

In the academic advising for students, students get informations on their studying affairs, i.e. the corresponding courses of studies, examination regulations and graduation as well as on preparatory and supplementary courses.

Programme Advisors

bachelor / master in mathematics
Prof. Dr. G. Rein
bachelor / master in technomathematics
Prof. Dr. A. Schiela
bachelor / master in business mathematics
Prof. Dr. J. Rambau [de]
master in "Scientific Computing" (elite programme of study)
Prof. Dr. M. Bebendorf [de]
bachelor of science / master of education for high school teachers in mathematics ["Gymnasium"]
Prof. Dr. I. Bauer
programme for high school teachers in mathematics ["Gymnasium"] (modularized studies)
Prof. Dr. Michael Stoll
programme for secondary school teachers in mathematics ["Realschule"]
Prof. Dr. V. Ulm [de], Dr. W. Neidhardt [de]
bachelor / master of education in metallurgical engineering for teachers in mathematics at schools for professional training ["Berufsschule"]"
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Glatzel

contact for mathematics as second subject:
Prof. Dr. V. Ulm [de], Dr. W. Neidhardt [de]

For courses in which enrollment is no longer possible (e.g. in diploma courses) you should consult the Programme Advisor of the corresponding bachelor's programme to inquire the appropriate contact person.

Compare also (e.g. for programmes for teachers in mathematics) the information pages on the programmes for high school teachers in mathematics ["Gymnasium"] [de] and the information of the university administration [de].

In addition, all university lecturers of the Department of Mathematics can help in the academic advising for students.

Central Academic Advising for All Students (All Courses of Studies)

The university administration also provides a central academic advising for all students [de], especially on the following subjects:

  • studying possibilities in Bayreuth and general questions about courses of studies
  • switching the course of studies and alternative courses of studies
  • choosing an appropriate course of studies and preparation for the studies
  • personal and social matters

For questions on

  • studying opportunities abroad and international scholarships
  • and on academic advising for foreign students and scientists,

please contact the International Office.

Please also compare the information pages of the Faculty for academic advising for students [de] with corresponding links.


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