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Bachelor’s Degree Programmes (B.Sc.)

Mathematics is on the one hand the common language for the description of quantitative relations in the sciences, in engineering, and in economics. Based on mathematical models, corresponding approximation methods, and their implementation on computers, mathematicians are able to analyze, simulate, and optimize complex processes from highly diverse areas. On the other hand, progress on seemingly purely mathematical problems often opens up new possibilities for surprising applications, e.g., number theory and algebraic geometry in the area of cryptography. Therefore, modern society needs qualified mathematicians; mathematics is a key science.

[image for Mathematics (B.Sc.)]


  • clearly structured study programme, covering essential areas of both pure and applied mathematics
  • possibility to add your own emphases early on in the programme
  • broad selection of applied disciplines for your minor subject

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[image for Economathematics (B.Sc.)]


  • study programme in mathematics with fixed application areas “computer science” and “economics and business administration”
  • analysis of algorithms based on mathematical concepts for computer-aided economic decision support
  • mining the potential of mathematical models in an economic environment

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[image for Computational Mathematics (B.Sc.)]

Computational Mathematics

  • at the interface of mathematics and computer science
  • more freedom due to 8 semester programme
  • specialisation in one of 4 timely streams

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[campus of the University of Bayreuth]

Studying mathematics in Bayreuth

  • excellent student-to-faculty ratio and small learning groups
  • wide range of courses in pure and applied mathematics
  • short distances and interdisciplinary contacts on our one-of-a-kind campus

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Are you interested in these study programmes?

The programme coordinators and our EduCare study support are glad to support you on the choice of a study programme that suits you. They will answer your questions and advise you on career perspectives in the job market.

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