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Bachelor’s Programme “Mathematics”

An essential aspect of mathematics is the interplay between the analysis of its internal, abstract structure on the one hand, and its applications to areas outside mathematics on the other hand. Hence this clearly structured bachelor programme covers key areas of both pure and applied mathematics. At the same time it encourages you to add your own emphases early on in the programme and to develop an individual, professional profile. In order to enable you to interact with professionals from other fields you will study a minor subject chosen from a broad selection of applied disciplines.
Graduates of this programme are able to think abstractly and structure problems clearly, and hence they are highly sought-after in such diverse areas as the insurance and financial sector, industry, and public administration.

Note: This study programme is taught in German. Hence, most of the links in these pages are in German. Available information in English is marked by “[en]”.

The programme at a glance

The one-pager offers a concise information on the study programme. This web page, maintained by the central student advising, briefly summarises the most relevant information on one page.

The flyer contains a detailed description of the study programme, e.g., the focus areas of the programme, the career perspectives and a schedule of the modules that should be attended.

The programme coordinator Gerhard Rein is glad to support you and answer your questions on this study programme.

Important documents

The following link list summarises all relevant documents for students and for anyone who is interested in studying this programme and would like to get more information.


If you have any question about this study programme, please contact the programme coordinator Gerhard Rein [en]. Further advice is given in the FAQ.

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