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Master’s Degree Programmes (M.Sc.)

Studying Mathematics in Bayreuth

If you are enthusiastic about mathematics and would like to learn more, you are in good hands at the University of Bayreuth. As one of the top 100 universities in the world, which are not older than 50 years ...more

Master’s Degree Programmes (M.Sc.)

The four master’s degree programmes in mathematics offer

  • in-depth mathematical courses that deepen the competences from your bachelor studies
  • scientifically oriented studies with individual focus chosen from the research areas of the Department of Mathematics
  • direct contact to your academic teachers in small learning and working groups, which are essential for advanced mathematical studies
  • excellent career perspectives provided by the “Master of Science” degree with more diverse and advanced career opportunities compared to the Bachelor’s degree.

[image for master’s programme “Mathematics”]


  • extension of your mathematical skills in two or more research areas featured at the mathematical institute
  • emphasis on your autonomous engagement in research oriented, mathematical problems
  • possibility to develop your individual professional profile by extending your skills in an applied discipline and/or in further areas of mathematics

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[image for Economathematics (B.Sc.)]


  • extension of your mathematical skills in two or more research areas featured in the Department of Mathematics
  • application and specialisation areas that link mathematics to computer science, economics, and professional practice
  • the opportunity to write an interdisciplinary master’s thesis with mathematical focus

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[image for master’s programme “Computational Mathematics”]

Computational Mathematics

  • one-year master’s programme, which fits to the corresponding four-year bachelor’s programme
  • further opportunities to specialise
  • focus on research oriented master thesis

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[image for master’s programme “Scientific Computing”]

Scientific Computing

  • international master's degree course
  • focused mathematical education
  • interdisciplinary breadth

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Study support

All mathematical lectures of the master’s programmes will be offered in English if required (“English on demand”). English descriptions of all master’s modules are contained in the modules manual for bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes (pdf file).

If you are interested in doing your Master’s degree at the University of Bayreuth

Information about the admission requirements and procedures can be found in the FAQ answer on the admission requirements for the master’s programmes in mathematics [de]. For all questions regarding our master’s programmes please contact programme coordinators or our EduCare study support.

Due to the flexible structure, our master’s programmes are excellently suited for students who would like to continue their studies after a bachelor's degree obtained at some other university. We are looking forward to meet you at our campus of short distances.

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